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How to custom my order with pictures

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We are pleased to announce that we have added a new option to our menu of cupcakes and cakes! Starting today, you can order custom cupcakes and cakes with a printed image on them.

Imagine celebrating your child's birthday with cupcakes featuring their favorite character, or surprising your significant other with a cake featuring a photo from your latest trip together. The possibilities are endless!

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Step one

Click on the button below to access our online store. Select the items you wish to order. Note that only cakes and cupcakes can be personalized with images.

Step two

Indicate whether you would like delivery or in-store pickup and the time and date your order should be ready.
Then, in the "extra" category, select the "personalization with image" option. Please select the desired print quantity. 
Then place your order. 

Step three

Once you have placed your order, please indicate below your full name and order number (received by email or phone). Then upload the images you would like for your order. 

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

See you soon 

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