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A story of VEGÂTEAU

Vegateau is founded by a couple, Jermy and Marc-Olivier, who finally get together from long distance relationship. The idea behind Ve (Vegan) Gateau (Cake in french) originally came to life in 2019, in beautiful Montreal. We are passionate about the ingredients we use and aware of the world that surrounds us.  

At VeGateau, we live by a simple motto, “responsible tastiness”. We believe that everyone deserves a delicious treat without feeling guilty. We also want our planet to be healthy , which is why we chose exclusively vegan gluten-free cupcakes. 

From the start, we were dedicated to spend over 6 months in exploring and creating new recipes that are not only tasty but also eco friendly, nutritious and healthy. Our Vanilla Coco Cupcake is 40% less calories than an average cupcake. We use only Oat Milk, which generates both 80% lower greenhouse emission and land use than cow’s milk. Asides, we are aware that 1% of people have celiac disease and 0.4% have a doctor diagnose wheat allergy, therefore all our cupcakes are gluten free. Over the past months, we got amazing responses from the people around us which motivates us to share the tastiness with the rest of the world.

We stand strong by the value of social responsibility, eco friendly, excellence, integrity, learning, authenticity and of course love, together we can make the world better.

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