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Maple season


about vegâteau

At Vegateau we are committed to provide Vegan Gluten-free pastry in Montreal. Responsible tastiness is something we believe in and we also believe that everyone deserves a delicious treat without feeling guilty.


We also want our planet to be healthy, which is why we chose to bake exclusively vegan desserts.


homemade with love

Every ingredient is homemade because we want to improve the recipes for our customers preference. We want to be original and creative so that customers can taste our unique flavours that cannot be found anywhere else.


For example, our lemon curd, chocolate fudge and jams are not pre made or artificial product and are not bought from suppliers.


Our cakes are all vegan. We use Coconut Milk in all our recipes, which generates both 80% lower greenhouse emissions and land use than cow’s milk. Not only that, but The New York Times also reported that according to the Water Footprint Network, almonds require six times as much water to grow than oats do.


gluten free

About 1% of people have celiac disease, and around 0.4% have a doctor-diagnosed wheat allergy. While testing different recipes, we discovered that our cakes tasted better without wheat, which allows us to offer our products to people that are allergic to gluten without any compromise to taste.


Not only does coconut palm sugar make our cupcakes taste better, it’s also a choice we make because we want our products to be as sustainable as possible.


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), coconut palm sugar is one of the most sustainable sweeteners in the world. They required very little water and less land when compared to sugar cane.



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