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At Vegateau we are proud to offer vegan, gluten free, artisanal pastries, prepared with care and love on site. Quality and freshness are our main concerns. We select the best ingredients to offer unique and delicious flavors. We believe that artisanal pastry is a precious tradition that deserves to be preserved, which is why we strive to perpetuate this art through our creations. We hope that our pastries will offer you a moment of gustatory pleasure and that you will appreciate the attention we pay to every detail of our preparation.

Our pastries make a difference!


Our passion for vegan baking and protecting the planet go hand in hand. We are proud to offer a complete selection of 100% vegan baked goods, without any compromise on flavor or texture.

We believe that by making sustainable food choices, we can all help protect our environment. That's why we are committed to using quality, environmentally friendly ingredients in all of our preparations.

We are also committed to continually improving our practices to become even more sustainable.


We are proud to offer tasty dessert options for everyone, including people with celiac disease and those with gluten allergies.

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Deliciously responsible

Your feedbacks

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"Not too sweet, absolutely delicious GF/vegan cupcake. Even gluten eating non-vegans will love this place. Definitely recommend!!!"


Vegâteau team was our wedding
cake and cupcake supplier. We had
a 30 people intimate wedding. We
were pleased with taste and the look
of our wedding cake and cupcakes.
We received positive comments
from our guests as well. Thank you
for making our wedding day



The service is excellent, and the
treats are just as amazing! Their
cupcakes are absolutely delicious
and not overly sweet (just perfect).
The fact that they produce their
desserts in a socially responsible
manner is what led me to their shop
and I will definitely return. I highly
recommend Vegâteau.


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How do I order my cake ?
It is possible to order your cake at least 32 hours in advance on our website. Click on the button below to access the online store.

To contact us

(438) 868 0338
1215 Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, Québec, Canada H2J 1Y2
(Every day 10am-7pm)
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